Rainbow Chameleon Collection // 2g Individuals

Rainbow Chameleon Collection // 2g Individuals

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These Rainbow Chameleon Pigments are STUNNING! Each one of them giving a different color our, but shifting all of the colors! 

• 2g by weight

Colors in this Collection

• Delayed

• Dream Team

• Moon Child

• Chaos

• Wrong Turn

• 8 Minute Exit

• Discombobulated

• Dazed

With these Pigments, you may try them out on your templates with wicked Sticket, or on double sides tape. They look different with different color bases! For maximum effect please use over a black base. For Pastel Effect use over a white base, or a light Blue, Pink, Or purple! You can also use these any other way, as they are cosmetic grade.

Safe for general cosmetics, soap, eyes, Tumblers, lips, other crafts.