Holographic Chameleon Template Bundle

Holographic Chameleon Template Bundle

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These Holographic Chameleons are TO DIE FOR! At this time they are offered in:

• .1-.2 by Weight Containers

Colors in this Bundle 

• Stunna

• Jaw Dropper

• Acid Rain

• Sheesh

• Das Hot

• Moss Fire

With these bundles, you may try them out on your templates with wicked Sticket, or on double sides tape. They look different with different color bases! I have never seen these offered anywhere else, and I feel very blessed to be able to offer them to you! 

Please let me know your feedback on them, as I do plan to sell them in larger quantities after this initial bundle drop. 

Safe for general cosmetics, soap, eyes, Tumblers, lips, other crafts.