Our Story

Hey Friends! First of all I want to say Thank You for visiting my shop! My name is Kallen, I wanted to share a little bit about me, My Story, and how everything is, what everything has become! 

As most of my home towners know, I started working at Trend & Main in 2017. A cute little boutique, here in Chanute. My Boss/Greatest Inspiration bought a vinyl cutter for me to play with while we were slow, and to make custom items. Before we knew it, the Personalization side of things was taking over every day, of all of my days. I became very known for my unique designs, Great customer service, and Quick Turn around time, and don't forget QUALITY!

I had my daughter on grand opening of the boutique, and gave birth to my miracle baby girl, Addlee. Weighing 2 pounds and 14 inches long! After a 75 day NICU stay, we returned home to Chanute, and I continued to work at the boutique until it shut its doors in 2019. After it closed, I knew I couldn't let my customers down, so I then started Kallen Grace Designs. 

From there, things went crazy. I started doing Tumblers, Personalized Items, Apparel, and the wood items. Fast forward 3 years later, here I am! 

 In the middle of this, I became a Single Mama, I knew that I had to keep going no matter what for my babygirl. Things were(are) tough, but I kept pushing. And pushing. And pushing. I worked 9-5, Came home to my Dear Daughter for 3 hours, and as soon as she closes her eyes at night, I ran Kallen Grace Designs.

Fast Forward to TODAY, I now run KGD Full Time, and get the chance to be there for my baby girl at the drop of a hat, along with doing what I am passionate about every single day! My eyes are on the Prize, that Prize is to grow my Small Business, So my daughter and I never have to rely on anyone, and so that we don’t have to struggle, Mainly so she doesn’t have to struggle like I have had to in the past. 

After all of the pushing, Long nights, my dreams were finally starting to come in full circle. Well, about Half Circle. I just purchased my Forever home, that has endless opportunities to grow this business, as well as Land to Build myself a BIG workshop.

If you made it this far, I just want to Thank you for supporting my Small Biz, even if it is just sharing my page, showing your friends my site, and of course all of the orders that you have placed through me. 

What I do here, Is my passion. My heart and soul is poured into each and every items, because seeing that smile on yours, or the person who receives the items face, is priceless.

I live for making people happy, making people smile, and of course delivering Unique, Quality, One of a Kind Items.


A little bit about US

Myself, lover of all the crafts, Dreamer, Independent, Strong, Single momma to a Special Little Lady. I have a Full Time Day Job at a Printing Company, doing graphic design, Printing, Signs, and so much more. I have few friends, my life basically revolves around Work, My Daughter, and My Small Biz. I love house plants, Coloring in Coloring Books, Nature, and CLEANING! 

Addlee Grace, Determined, GENIUS, sweet & spicy, Fiesty, Red Headed Miracle Child. From a 0%, to 2% Survival Rate, and if Survived the Doctors said she would have no Quality of life....to now a 3 Year old Little Ball Of Fire! She keeps me on my toes! She battles Left Sided Cerebral Palsy, and Austin Daily, But her Disabilities don’t define her, I’m telling you, if she wants to do something, she will DO it. I am beyond Blessed to be her mom! 

Moral of the story. Build your dreams. Never forget your worth. Never give up. And just keep....swimming. Take control of your life, and make it what you want!