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SAMPLE 2oz. One Coat Wonder Glitter Glue

SAMPLE 2oz. One Coat Wonder Glitter Glue

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2 Fl. oz Glitter Glue Sample Bottle

Elevate your Tumbler and DIY projects to new unbelievable heights with our One Coat Wonder Glitter Glue, the ultimate adhesive for all your glittering needs. Say goodbye to the days of Second Coats,  and time-consuming epoxy methods and hello to effortless, stunning results. Please read the Instructions, and recommended how to's below the key features.

1. Exceptional Coverage: One Coat Wonder Glitter Glue boasts unmatched coverage, & Lay Flat Properties. Ensuring that your glitter adheres evenly and brilliantly to a wide range of surfaces. With just one application, you can achieve a full and shimmering finish, making your creations truly stand out.

2. Minimal Glitter Fallout: Tired of dealing with glitter fallout that lets you down, and makes you have to do another coat? Our innovative formula minimizes glitter fallout, keeping your workspace clean and your masterpiece pristine.

3. Non-Toxic and Water-Based: Craft with peace of mind! Our glitter glue is non-toxic and water-based, making it safe for all ages and suitable for a variety of projects. You can enjoy your creative process without worrying about harmful chemicals.

4. Epoxy Glitter Method Alternative: One Coat Wonder Glitter Glue is the ideal substitute for epoxy when it comes to adding glitter. No more complex mixing or lengthy curing times. Simply apply our adhesive and watch your project come to life with dazzling brilliance in no time.


Please keep in mind, this will differ from person to person, based upon your environment. I always recommend with any new product, do your own testing. Play around with One Coat wonder until you achieve the expected results!

 • PREP BASE BEFORE USE - Sand, Sand, Sand! The glue WILL repel if your base is not sanded.

Apply a Generous coat, with the self leveling properties, an even, generous layer, will give you the work time, and coverage that this is intended to give you. 

• I have (Kallen) Personally Found that a Makeup Brush Application, or a flat headed paint brush will give you the best results. 

??? CAN YOU SEAL ???

---> Can you? YES. Do I Recommend? NO. Why? 

One Coat Wonder, with its lay flat properties, stays just a TAD Tacky. Not too much, not much at all really, this will also really depend on your climate & humidity. IF YOU USE THIS TO SEAL, Please wait 24 hours before epoxy, and keep away from anything such as dust, particles, pigments, or other glitter. With the product still a tad tacky, you will have the chance of other particles adhering to the tumbler. So again, CAN YOU? Yes. Would I? No. But....Stay tuned. A sealant specifically made for sealing, may be coming in the future. 

Can you Burnish?

One Coat is not intended to burnish, With the thicker consistency, it will be hard to burnish your glitter and you have the chance of Peeling away your adhesive. I do recommend Wicked Stick-it For Burnishing. You can find Wicked Stick it, Here, Also use code KGD At Wicked Shimmer. 

To Clean your Brushes: You can just use soap and water. and then air dry your brush. 

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